8 ICOs to Watch Out for in March

Edwin Mike
Created by Edwin Mike
On Feb 16, 2018
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Today we will take a look at the “8 ICOs to watch out for in March" where you can invest and get a substantial profit. 2017 was the massive year for the growth and development of Initial Coin Offering companies also called ICO’s. ICO’s enter into view as a new style of investment with a significant margin of profit in them. The financial understanding of Bitcoin gives the base to a number of new cryptocurrencies, ICO’s is just one of them. The investments created by ICO’s are mutual for the development of some of the new blockchain projects which provide a starting point for everyone who wants to start a cryptocurrency-based business.

According to the investigation of major spectators of crypto-finance business, Initial Coin Offering ignite hundreds of businesses that are registered with the ICO’s at this time. The official ICO’s calendar provides all the information related registered tokens, token sales that contain the information of tokens which are usually being proposed, upcoming, ongoing, and crowdsales.

How much money generated by ICO’s in 2017?
In 2017, ICO’s productively generated a lot more than $3,000,000,000; in which in 2018, the observers of crypto-business are aiming to get a longer digit with the more zeros added into the total amount generated in 2017.

Blockchain Projects and 2017
The year 2017 was a year that gives an incredible growth in the blockchain projects. The growth of the blockchain projects is important because of its relationship with ICO's and cryptocurrency. The development in the methods of blockchain also help in the continuing growth of ICO’s and provides a room for initial coin offering to come to limelight. Nevertheless, there is a lot of resolutions and obstacles in the route of this new promising technique of investment. However, it has no negative impact thanks to less obscurity and more conviction in the model of ICO ’s. It contributes greatly to more growth.

8 ICOs to watch out for in March

There are many ICOs out there to invest in the month of March. With more than 100 ICOs, it can be challenging to know the best. To save you sticking your thumb everywhere I have curated the best. Here are the 8 ICOs to watch out for:

1. LeadCoin

LeadCoin, allows you to share leads in real-time. The organization encourages businesses to sell off their unused leads and invest in hot leads from other companies.

With LeadCoin, sellers instantaneously share their abandoned leads in real-time. Transactions are controlled by LeadCoin’s matching algorithm, which assesses and matches leads to purchasers. Leads that didn’t match one business enterprise might be the best match for another business.

Sellers get value for their disused leads, leads find the best solutions, and buyers can purchase hot leads. Everyone wins.

2. Amon AMN

Amon AMN is quite a financial cryptocurrency card and platform. It is possible to do a lot of things with this software, from applying it like a credit card to working with it as an exchange for cryptocurrencies on the internet and many other features.

The platform is going to be token-based, which means that the tokens that you buy during the ICO are the base of the ecosystem this service is aiming to create. Tokens will make sure that you have discount fees when making use of the Amon Card, having access to a priority customer support line, an earn passive interest rates by only keeping the tokens.

3. Altumea

Altumea is a blockchain-powered ecosystem and a decentralized platform connecting researchers, artists, and engineers looking to buy processing power for high-performance computing, deep learning, and AI with GPU owners.

With the upcoming development in Etherium's shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, there are a lot of concerns for GPU owners and miners. The company enables GPU owners to sell extra computing power to those who need to make large-scale calculations: artists, engineers, researchers. 

Buyers can buy GPU computing power straight from miners, gamers, and regular GPU owners with cryptocurrencies. Altumea gives users access to the almost limitless computing power held by millions of GPU owners. 

4. iShook

iShook is one of the first content material sharing ecosystems on the blockchain to connect content writers to their audiences. With their platform, the organization plans to supply users with rich content, while also distributing works from booksellers and publishers. The content ecosystem can provide end-users with a medium that accepts peer-to-peer payment options for content exposure and network. In exchange, iShook is bridging the gap between content creators and consumers.

5. Abyss

In its basic core, Abyss can be seen as a “gaming platform” that will be designed to focus on the syndication of “free-to-play browser-based and customer MMO games”. When used, it is more than just to make sharing simple and easy but also offers a good opportunity for players and developers to generate income through the use of ‘referrals’. Of course, the platform also functions as a financial tool and can be considered by developers to greatly reduce their marketing costs. In addition, Abyss also helps drive targeted traffic and lets its users have access to certain additional services.

6. TopiaCoin

Topia tends to use data encrypting and their own trademarked security in tandem with the emerging powerful Blockchain technology to give users the strongest, secure and decentralized file-sharing infrastructure (SDFS) well known to date as they claim. With SDFS, individuals and companies can easily and securely reveal their digital property without requiring a centralized computing system.


JOYSO is a centralized exchange, as well as a decentralized exchange, moved into one. The exchange objective is to solve the difficulties inherent to both types of exchanges.

As it is written on JOWSO website, “the future is hybrid". They have centralized their system for speed but decentralized the system for security. Users don’t need to trust a central exchange with their personal information or private key, but they can still gain access to centralized speed and centralized order management.

8. MeetnGreetMe 

MeetnGreetMe is a blockchain-based multinational travel app that places people planning a trip to a specific location that are in dire need of travel companies with local users prepared to provide those services. The firm is set to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its cryptocurrency, the WelcomeCoin (WEL), as a way to crowdfund further growth and development of the platform.