The Back to the Future Day Quiz

To celebrate #BackToTheFutureDay on 21st October 2015, present a quiz about the future of 2015. (And, weirdly, there are no questions about hoverboards or *those* Nike trainers....) By @eohiggins

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On Oct 21, 2015
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When they arrive in 2015, how does Doc explain to the absence of 'Einstein' to Marty?

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Which film star had his first big screen role in the film aged 8?

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The film depicts a dystopian 1985 in which Biff is all-powerful. Who is the President of the US in this horrible alternate timeline?

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Which of the following Pepsi products was not available in 2015's Café 80s?

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Why was the production of the film delayed for three years?

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In the French translation of the movie, what does the 1950s version of Lorraine call Marty instead of 'Calvin Klein'?

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What is the tagline of 'Jaws 19'?

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In the alternate 1985, who was Biff's powerful incarnation based on?

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In the Hilldale of 2015, video adverts of Goldie Wilson III show him claiming he can 'hover-convert' any car for the competitive price of...?

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In a deleted scene, what happens to old Biff when he returns to 2015, after giving the Grays Sports Almanac to his younger self in 1955?

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