Quiz Show Fails

It's easy to criticise silly answers when you're watching quiz shows on TV. But what about when you're in the hot seat?

Try your luck against some of the questions that led to the nation's funniest quiz show fails, and see how well you fare!

Created by GalaBingo.com
On May 16, 2019
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Quiz Show Fails

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In UK Geography, the road called Watling Street that now forms part of the A5 was originally built by which civilisation?

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Justin Timberlake won an award in October 2011 for helping to protect what?

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Created in a New York bakery in May 2013, the 'cronut' is a cross between a croissant and what other food item?

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Which of these girls' names is the title of a Jane Austen novel?

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The name of which pasta sauce derives from an old Italian phrase literally meaning 'in sailor's style'?

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Which word means the prevailing weather conditions of a region?

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On what date is Christmas Day traditionally celebrated each year?

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What was Gandhi's first name?

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In 2009, Sunderland scored against Liverpool when the football deflected off what object?

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Which is the second month of the calendar year to have only thirty days?

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The Statue of Liberty is a pale shade of what colour?

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Which of these is a TV channel that launched in 2007?

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A £2 coin issued in 2015 was criticised for a 'schoolboy error' because it showed King John holding what?

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Complete the title of this 1994 film starring Tim Allen: 'The Santa….'

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What type of wild animal is an ibex?

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