Are you Scott or Stiles

Find out if you're the Scott McCall in your relationship or if you're the Stiles Stilinski!

Ebony Freeman
Created By Ebony Freeman
On Mar 29, 2017

Someone attacks you.... Your choice of weapon is....

Someone you absolutely hate walks up to you... What do you do???

What would you want to date??

You're saddest most when....

There's a dead body in the woods that hasnt been found yet, you...

pick a quote

What supernatural creature?

What qualities do you look for in your best friend?

What style?

Sarcasm or Nah??? :))

Scott McCall

Scott McCall

You are strong, brave and care about others way more than yourself! You use your strength to protect those who you love!

Stiles Stilinski

Stiles Stilinski

Your the Stiles Stilinski in you relationshIP! you'er funny and manage to see the goo in all situations (well most times). your best friend means the world to you!