Which M&M Character R U?

At first, there were only 5 M&M characters. Until Ms. Brown showed up to join the original 5. And then life was good! Anyways, it's your job on playbuzz.com to find out which M&M character U R. Care 2 take it?

Ebonee Skinner
On Aug 25, 2015

How long have you known M&M's for?

Which color do you like the most?

Do you love M&M's?

Do you follow the m&m characters on Instagram?
(it's @mmschocolate if you ask)

Which flavor sounds the BEST?!

Before you go, which m&m character do you think you might be?

Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown

Personality (to me) is sassy. . . AS F!

Appearance: Sexy Sophisticated

Best Attribute: Your big beautiful Brain

Quote: "The fact is, it doesn't get better than the original."

Age: Well, they didn't dare ask.

Weight: Significantly lower than your IQ (if u have one)

Turn-Ons: POWER!

Turn-Offs: The color red

Hidden Talent: Always being RIGHT.



Personality (to me) is famous and always (most of the time) on commercials by yourself.

You (as red) have: Marvelous Eyebrows

Hidden Talent: Turning simple chores into complicated tasks.

Quote: "Everything is under control."

Age: about 30 something

Weight: Perfect for your shell size

Turn-Ons: When blindly follow YOUR advice.

Best Feature: A Genius IQ & Physical Prowess (The best of both worlds)

Shortcomings: U Think u know more than u do



Personality (to me) is scared and nervous as. . .F!!!

Best Attribute: Always aware of YOUR. . .surroundings.

Age: Stress makes U look older than u is.

Quote: "I'm a dead man/woman!"

Weight: U don't eat and u don't sleep.

Turn-Offs: People who want to eat U. (a turn-off 4 EVERYBODY.)

Dream: To be on the endangered species list.

Shortcomings: Thinks everyone is after U. (U probably right!)



Personality (to me) is: A true friend to Red m&m and . . . is sometimes dumb.

Appearance: Plump, Yellow, & all smiles.

Best Attribute: Sees the good in Everything.

Quote: "Inside everyone there's a little nut."

Age: Unknown, but your in touch with your inner child

Weight: Around Average. . .for a peanut with milk chocolate padding.

Likes: Pretty Ladies or Handsome Gentlemen (if you're a female) and fluffy things.

Best Friend: Red m&m, because he seems to know a lot.

Shortcomings: Nice guys (or gals) finish last.



Personality (to me) is a lean, green, sexy machine.

Appearance: Beauty of that magnitude can't be described in words.

Best Attribute: Honey, I can't even choose. That's your job. (what you have said)

Quote: "I melt for no one"

Age: Old enough to know better

Weight: How dare you! (what you said)

Likes: Simple candlelit dinners. . .in Paris.

Dislikes: Men and women who stare.

Shortcomings: Can sometimes be intimidating.



Personality (to me) is an exact similar form to yellow m&m and should be twin brothers with him.

Best Attribute: Confidence

Appearance: if your lucky, you just might make one.

Quote: "Never let them see you melt."

Age: Old Enough

Weight: Let's just say you keeps fit.

Turn-Ons: Moonlit Nights, jazzing the ladies (or men)

Turn-Offs: Squares man/girl. . .squares.

Hidden Talent: Can outfox the would-be snack fiends.