This 11-Year-Old Killed Himself After His "Girlfriend" Pranked Him Via Text

His mother thinks the girl should be charged with murder. Do you?

Earl Gray
Created By Earl Gray
On Apr 11, 2017
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On April 4, 11-year-old Tysen Benz of Marquette, Michigan finally died of injuries he sustained in an attempt to hang himself on March 14. With no suicide note left, the cause of his tragic actions were initially harder to discern. But when Tysen's mother, Katrina Goss, found messages from a 13-year-old girl she knew he considered to be his girlfriend, which were meant as a prank, saying she had killed herself, probable cause was established. The girl has now been charged with malicious use of telecommunication services and using a computer to commit a crime.

We don't know, and we'll never know, why he did what he did. It's logical to presume they're related.
Matt Wiese, Marquette County Prosecutor, CNN, April 11, 2017

Goss, however, thinks the girl should receive a heavier penalty for the part she played in Benz's death. However, according to police, heavier penalties simply wouldn't "fit the facts" of the case.

Telling somebody they should go do something to themselves is not a crime, even if they go through with it.
Matt Wiese, CNN, April 11, 2017

But now, what we would like to know is...

Do you think the 13-year-old who pranked Tysen Benz should face harsher charges?

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