Are You More Messi Or Ronaldo? Find Out Which Star You Are Most Like

The flash and the fame or the grit and the grind? Find out which soccer star you are more like with this quiz.

Dustin Henderson
On Mar 29, 2017

What is your idea of a perfect night?

Pick a Soccer legend:

You've made your first million, where is this money going?

You're on the pitch and you have an open man ahead of you, but you also have a shot yourself, what are you doing?

Pick a hair style:

If you were a footballer would you rather have club or country success?

Would you want to work for the same company your whole life?

What's your favorite Social Media platform?

How would you describe your physique?

You're Ronaldo, you handsome devil.

You're Ronaldo, you handsome devil.

If you look up the word superstar in a dictionary there will be a picture of you. No matter what the situation is you want to be the leader and be the one making decisions and plays. You love the limelight and you're always ready to have some fun. You work harder than anyone, but what's the point of that if you can't play as hard as you work?

You're Lionel Messi, you humble champion.

You're Lionel Messi, you humble champion.

You're humble, soft spoken, hard-working and immeasurably talented. You'll put the good of the team before your own personal glory, which isn't to say you haven't had a lot of personal success as well. You may be married to your high school sweetheart and you try not to let the fame get to your head.