How Well Do You Know the Statues of USC?

A key part of USC's beautiful campus is the many statues scattered about. This test looks to see just how well you know these magnificent stone creations.

Trojans 360
Created By Trojans 360
On Sep 28, 2016
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Alright, we're going to start off easy. Really, really easy. This is a statue of Traveler. What kind of animal is Traveler?

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Ok, we're going to get a little more tricky, but still pretty easy. Who is this a statue of?

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This is a well-known statue of Tommy Trojan, but do you know what's engraved on the back of his base?

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What is the name of this striking gentleman?

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This is the bottom half of the statue of famed pianist, composer, and statesman Ignacy Jan Paderewski located near Thornton School of Music. What wonderful accessory is Ignacy wearing on his top half?

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What year was this statue of Robert Widney erected?

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On the side of which USC building will you find this strapping young man?

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Which sculptor created this bronze statue, called Evelia de Pie, located near Norris Theater?

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This statue at a School of Cinematic Arts fountain depicts one of SCA's founders. Who is it?

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Where can you find this provocative individual on campus?

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