Love the Offspring? Try to 'Smash' our quiz

It was one of the albums that put punk rock on the map in the 90's and it turned a quarter of a century earlier this year!

But how much do you know about The Offspring's breakthrough album 'Smash'? Take our quiz to see if Smash is Something To Believe In or Not The One for you.

The Offspring will play Download Festival on 12th-14th June 2020 in Donington Park along with headliners KISS, Iron Maiden and System of a Down.

Tickets on sale now!

Download Festival
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Love The Offspring? Try to 'Smash' our quiz

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What was the first single released from 'Smash'?

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'Killboy Powerhead' is a cover of which punk band's song?

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Which of these is NOT a song on the album 'Smash'?

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"When she's saying, oh, that I'm like a..."

5 / 7

'Smash' has been certified platinum how many times?

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"When I go driving, I stay in my lane, but when I get cut off, it makes me insane" is a line from which song?

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'Smash' was released in....?

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