This Quiz Will Tell How in Tune You Are With Daniel Radcliffe's Incredible Acting Skills

We all grew up with Daniel Radcliffe and his incredible range of emotions when he portrayed Harry Potter. To celebrate Daniel’s and Potter’s birthdays we pulled some scenes from the franchise to test how well you can recognize the moment Harry was going through.

Dov Niedzviecki
Created by Dov Niedzviecki
On Aug 17, 2021

How in tune are you with Daniel's emotional acting state?

1 / 10

Why is Daniel rolling his eyes?

2 / 10

Why is Daniel screaming never?

3 / 10

Why does Daniel look so intense here?

4 / 10

Why is Daniel screaming?

5 / 10

Why is Daniel intensely staring?

6 / 10

Why is Daniel so happy here?

7 / 10

Why is Daniel doing pointy fingers?

8 / 10

Why are Daniel and Rupert screaming?

9 / 10

Why is Daniel squishing his face?

10 / 10

Why did Daniel decide to spit out his drink?

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