How to Write Sciences Research Papers?

Most Earth Sciences research papers and term papers are written in APA and CSE/CBE Style. The style and format vary according to the length, type and level of the paper.

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Write Earth Sciences Research Papers Online

The aim of studies in earth sciences is to investigate the present features as well as evolution in the past of the Earth and utilize known theories to the advantage of humans. The field involves observing and classifying the features of the planet. It also includes those features which may or may not be characteristic and subsequently produce hypotheses through which to elaborate on the presence as well as development. It also includes buy sciences research papers and coming up with means to test the opposing and contradictory ideas in order to prove their validity.

The physical environment inhabited by humans is based upon not just the immediate surface of the planet, but also the ground that’s beneath the surface, water as well as the air above in the atmosphere.

Earth science is essentially the reference to an all-embracing field that includes all the sub-sciences which related to the planet Earth. The earth is the only like-bearing planet known to scientists. Typically, the study of earth science revolves around four spheres, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. They correspond to rocks, water, air and life respectively.

The exact was the paper is structured may vary according to the topic but should generally include these sections:

1. Introduction: Identify the focused topic that is explored in the paper and explicitly state the question or problem being studied.
2. Background: This should give a brief overview and surveying several points of views.
3. Presentation
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion
6. References

The planet is covered by an atmosphere which is made up of 99% combined share of nitrogen and oxygen. The remaining 1% is made up by carbon dioxide, noble gases and others. The five layers of the atmosphere are based upon troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere as well as exosphere. Three quarters of the gases in the atmosphere are present in the troposphere which happens to be the bottom-most layer.

Study in earth sciences essentially involves application of scientific methods. Hypotheses are formulated once observation of events has been completed and relevant data gathered. These stages are followed by testing the hypotheses. Data plays a critical role in the study of earth sciences.

A term paper in earth sciences at the college level is more or less a research project and as such should be done so. The writer essentially is responsible for choosing the subject, going through the relevant literature on the topic and presenting what has been learned in the form of a paper and state his or her conclusion on the topic.

A term paper or research paper is supposed to be a synthesis of information gained through different sources in the writer’s own words. When you quote or paraphrase, it is important to cite the references within the text. However, at the same time, the paper should not be a written as a book report. As a general rule, the reference list should indicate the use of a wide variety of sources and also demonstrate extensive reading.

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