Do You Think Like A Human Or A Machine?

Do you have the analytical mind of a machine or the emotionally temperamental one of a human?

Dolores Haze
Created by Dolores Haze
On Mar 25, 2019

Let's start with an easy one: Are you a computer?

What does this word spell out?

Men are all alike. True or false?

What is this actor's name?

What food do you like to eat?

Can you solve this without using a calculator?
34,922 + 70,134 =

Complete the phrase: The rain in Spain falls gently on the

What's the purpose of living?

What is love?

Does this say "Greg" or "Corey"?

And finally, what does this word spell out?

You're totally human!

You're totally human!

Your mind works in mysterious and creative ways, reflecting your inner thoughts and emotions. You're a passionate individual and you know what you want, even if you can't quite verbalize it all the time. You're imaginative and innovative, always trying to look outside of the box!

You might actually be a machine!

You might actually be a machine!

You tackle problems unemotionally, which works to your advantage. You love acquiring information and being able to share it in the right context. Your knowledge and ability to retain information is the way of the future and you're ahead of the curve!

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