Are You OCD, Anal Or Just A Perfectionist?

Where do you fall on the spectrum according to science?

Dolores Haze
Created by Dolores Haze
On Mar 24, 2019

I wash my hands or shower more often, or for longer periods of time, than most other people.

I repeatedly check, to be sure that I have properly performed a just-completed task

I frequently ask others for reassurance that tasks have been properly completed

I often worry excessively about accidentally harming someone or myself

I worry excessively about my sexual ability and/or orientation, and am very upset by these thoughts

I worry excessively about acting in a manner that is sexually inappropriate

I prefer to avoid close contact with people

I frequently straighten, arrange, order, or tidy common household objects

I often have unwanted thoughts that upset me or make me anxious

I am significantly distressed, anxious, and/or depressed about my obsessions and compulsions

You're OCD

You're OCD

OK, so there could be a chance that you're slightly OCD. You're a total perfectionist and would rather double and triple check your work to make sure that it's just as it should be than throw something together and hope that it works. Sure, it does make it a bit of a worrier, but that's simply because you don't want to let others down.

You're smart, creative and sensitive, and this fantastic combination can make you a little anxious at times, but just remember that if you let yourself breathe for a minute, everything will be just fine!

You're anal

You're anal

Would you look at that! You're not quite OCD but you certainly do like things to be very neat and organized! Sure, it might mess with your head sometimes, but mostly you just find personal hygiene and clear order as your top priority, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! You're responsible and dependable, which ultimately gives you more peace of mind than most people ever get! Go you!

You're just a perfectionist

You're just a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist is not an easy task. You are smart, observant and aspire to be perfect in absolutely every aspect of your life. Most of the time you are, but you obviously don't know it.
It's great that you want things to be done the best way possible, but you also need to give your brain a little rest.

And yes, it looks like your astonishing perfectionism is your only imperfection :)

You're totally normal

You're totally normal

You're a completely balanced person with a very healthy relationship with yourself and the world around you. You have a grounded and mature personality with appropriate boundaries, normal levels of empathy and a healthy sense of self respect. Well done! But let's be honest, being normal isn't all that it's cracked up to be, you probably even envy your crazy friends. Try spicing things up a bit with deviating from your normal, balanced routine and do something completely out of character! You have nothing to lose, you're far too balanced to "lose it"!

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