Are you more Barbie or Bratz?

Can we tell which iconic doll you were obsessed with?

Sammy Stewart
Created By Sammy Stewart
On Mar 29, 2017

Which of these outfits would YOU most likely ~rock~ IRL :

Pick a ~dream~ house to live in:

Choose your future car:

What's your dream job?

Which of these IRL celebs is your ~spirit animal~?

What city would you love to live in?



You're a Barbie girl, living in a barbie world and always have been. You never had time for Barbie's sassy competition and prefer your dolls with noses, tyvm.



You are Sassy, ~daring~ and willing to try new things. When Bratz were released 2001, you were like "l8trz Barbz" and LOVED this new doll with massive lips and peg feet.