How Well Do You Remember 'Sabrina, The Teenage Witch'?

How well do you remember the magical world of Sabrina?

Dionne Taylor
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How old are Sabrina's aunts?

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What does Sabrina do in the opening sequence?

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What would happen to Sabrina's mother if she tried to see her?

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Which fruit does Sabrina accidentally turn Libby Chessler into?

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What is the Spellman family secret?

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What can you do with the 'witch-hunter gene'?

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Why did Salem get turned into a cat?

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Who does Sabrina meet when she starts working at 'Bean There, Brewed That'?

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What is Sabrina's geeky roommate Miles obsessed with?

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Which professor does Zelda start dating?

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At the beginning of the sixth season, Josh is tempted to move away to work as a _____?

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What did Sabrina turn into when she lost her true love?

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Sabrina gets a job as a writer for which entertainment magazine?

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At what time of day does Sabrina run off with Harvey- her soul mate?

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