Get To Know Your Winter Sports - Skiing & Snowboarding

Are you all-knowledgeable about alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding? Well then this quiz is just for you. Tuck hard and cross that finish line in first place.

The Canadian Olympic Team
On Oct 27, 2015
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In which discipline has Canada won its most Olympic skiing medals?

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Which of the following alpine events is the fastest?

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Which of these is not a current Olympic snowboarding event?

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Which of these Olympic skiing disciplines had the most medals available to be won at Sochi 2014?

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Which of the following was a demonstration event at a past Olympic Winter Games?

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Which Canadian won the first ever Olympic snowboard gold medal?

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Which of the following accounts for the greatest percentage of a moguls score?

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What was the name of the former Olympic sport that involved being towed on skis behind a horse?

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Although considered an Olympic freestyle skiing event, which of the following is actually governed domestically by Alpine Canada, not the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association?

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