Get to know your winter sports - skating

This quiz will test your knowledge of figure skating as well as long and short track speed skating. Hopefully you are quick enough on your feet to keep up. If you're a fan of the other winter sports, never fear, your day will come soon enough.

The Canadian Olympic Team
Created by The Canadian Olympic Team
On Oct 8, 2015
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What is a tush push?

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Which of these is not a figure skating jump?

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In which sport has Canada won its most Winter Olympic medals?

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What is a death spiral?

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Which Canadian skater has won the most Winter Olympic medals?

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Which skater holds the Canadian record for the youngest Winter Olympic medallist?

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Which of the following has the shortest time?

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In which sport did Canada win its first Winter Olympic gold medal other than hockey?

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Which Olympic skating discipline had the most medals available to be won at Sochi 2014?

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