Trivia: How Well Do You Actually Know Melissa McCarthy?

From Gilmore Girls to Ghostbusters, this non-stop star is killing it across the world... but are you a TRUE Melissa McCarthy expert?

Diane Selwyn
Created By Diane Selwyn
On Mar 29, 2017
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Name the Melissa McCarthy character in Gilmore Girls

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Who starred alongside Melissa McCarthy in The Heat?

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What was Melissa McCarthy's character's job in Mike & Molly?

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Which Hangover movie did Melissa McCarthy have a role in?

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In Tammy, who does Tammy go on a road trip with?

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Whose identity does Melissa McCarthy steal in Identity Thief?

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What is Susan Cooper's dream in Spy?

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What British actress played Melissa McCarthy's best friend in Spy?

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What's the relationship of the man who played Air Marshal Jon in Bridesmaids to Melissa McCarthy?

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What film director catapulted Melissa McCarthy's career in recent years by casting her in Bridesmaids?

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Name Melissa McCarthy's character in The Boss.

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How many kids does Melissa McCarthy have in real life?

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What Bridesmaids co-star also stars alongside Melissa McCarthy in Ghostbusters?

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Which famous chef did Melissa McCarthy apparently base her Bridesmaids character on?

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What was Melissa McCarthy's first feature film role?

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In the chase scene in The Heat, what does Melissa McCarthy's character throw at the escaping criminal?

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