How Much Of A Risk Taker Are You Really?

Do you live life on the edge or are you more careful? Find out here!

Diane Selwyn
Created By Diane Selwyn
On Jun 4, 2015

Your friend wants to go bungee jumping for their birthday. Do you...

You have a major meeting tomorrow and a party tonight. Do you...

On a whim, you dye your hair a crazy color, only to learn your conservative grandmother is coming to visit! Do you...

You are offered a fantastic job in a country you've never been to, but have to answer immediately. Do you...

There are three paths to your destination. Which do you take?

Which superhero do you most relate to?

What would most make you want to join the army?

Your alarm rings half an hour early. What do you do?

When you go to a restaurant you...

What's the most extreme sport you've ever attempted?



You are 25% of a risk taker! You have a good head on your shoulders and know the difference between a fun risk and true danger. You're a pretty responsible person, as a result, and people can trust you to give good advice on any situation. You could probably let down your guard more often, but you know that your tried and true methods have gotten you far in life - and are likely to keep helping you succeed in achieving your dreams.



You are 55% of a risk taker! You've got a great sense of balance in life and know when to push ahead and when to hold back. You're a good person to trust in business decisions, as your gut instincts are usually right. You know exactly when to gamble and when to carefully plan out your next method of attack. As a result, you would be an ideal team leader or company CEO.



You are 85% of a risk taker! Wow - you really know how to live life on the edge. Whether it's attempting some new sport or taking a job halfway around the world, you're never one to turn down a new opportunity. Your life, as a result, is always full of fun and spontaneity, and people know that you're open to any new experience. You could probably stand to plan a bit more, but you're bound and determined to forge ahead, and will achieve a great deal of success as a result.