Who are you from Castle in the Sky?

Which character are you? Find out now.

Diana Sofia
Created by Diana Sofia
On Jun 6, 2019

Your favorite color?

What's your favorite subject?

Where would you live?

Are you introvert of extrovert?

Your friend is in danger...

How do you feel about science and technology?

What is your hobby?

Would you like to find Laputa?

Do you like the sea?

Do you believe in legends?

You see a girl falling from the sky. You...

Do you like Laputian robots?

Favorite character.

Would you like to be an heir to Laputian throne?

Do you like geology?

Which word is more important for you?

Do you like flowers?

And how do you feel about mountains?

Princess Sheeta

Princess Sheeta

Sheeta or Lucita Toel Ur Laputa is a princess of an ancient city. So she's regal but her life is simple and she acts friendly to everyone. She is also smart.
Though Sheeta is quiet, but her actions speak louder than words. She's kind and brave. And so are you. So don't forget to have confidence in yourself and you can accomplish anything.



Pazu is a talented and hardworking boy. He's Sheeta's closest friend. And his willingness to help her is quite impressive. That's why some may say you are reckless, but in fact you are brave, persistent and ambitious. But you should be more careful and your persistence can work miracles.

Captain Dola

Captain Dola

Dola is a pirate and she tries to find the treasures of the floating castle. Some may say she's bossy and selfish, but I think she's a true leader. She's ambitious, yet soft-hearted.
You know how to make your dream come true and find an adventure of your life.

Colonel Muska

Colonel Muska

Dreams make people blind. This is, in my opinion, why Muska was so cruel. But he is determined to archieve his goal and he is quite knowledgeable. He's also good at hiding emotions and true intentions.
If you let kindness be your guide, you can change the course of history.