The Ultimate Jurd Quiz

Test your knowledge of Splyce star, Jurd.

Created By Dexerto
On Jan 12, 2017
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True or False: Jurd's real name is Jordan Reed.

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Jurd placed 6th during his first trip to COD Champs, but who defeat his Epsilon team in the Loser Bracket?

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Which of the following was Jurd's first Major tournament win?

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And in what city did this tournament take place?

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Jurd placed 2nd at Gfinity 2 with Epsilon. The roster was himself, Shane, Swanny and...?

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Which North American organisation has Jurd represented at a Major tournament?

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Can you name the missing fourth European based player who competed for TCM in the MLG Pro League in the United States? Jurd, Madcat, Shane and...?

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3/4 of the TCM team were later replaced by American players. Can you complete this TCM Gaming UMG Washington DC 2015 line up? Jurd, Aches, Teepee and...?

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The Millenium team of Swanny, Tommey, Madcat and Jurd made their first tournament appearance at which competition?

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Who did Millenium defeat in the Stage 1 Final to become champions?

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Millenium finished the Stage 2 Regular season in which position?

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Finally, Millenium settled for top 12 at the 2016 COD Champs, but which team beat them to eliminate them from the competition?

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