What Does Levi Ackerman Think Of You?

Does Levi Ackerman, humanity's strongest, hate you, tolerate you, respect you or love you?

High Lady Bianca
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On Nov 10, 2021

Welcome!!!! This is my first quiz....anyways, before I force Levi to get in here, I have one question....
What is your favorite color?
Try and kill me and Levi will avenge me;)

Ok Levi....

Levi:Go away, Yuki.



Me: Ask y/n a question!

Levi: *Sigh* If I was yelling at the regiment and they were ignoring me, what would you do?

Levi: What was your training rank?

Me: Straightforward......

Levi:What do you think of *cough*my ...shortness?

Last One...sorry it's short

Levi:Are you afraid of titans?

Just kidding

Levi:Brat.. I thought I was done.

Me:Shut up, Levi.

Levi:Tch....What is your thoughts on cleaning?

Levi:If you saw me sitting alone after training, with tears on my face, looking deep in thought, what would you do?

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He hates you

He hates you

Me: What did you think of y/n?
Levi:Where is that swine? They need to be taught a lesson!
Me:Run, y/n!
Levi:*Runs toward you with blades*
You:Come and get me, shorty!!!
Me:Never mind. Levi, run faster!!!

He tolerates you

He tolerates you

Levi:Don't even ask. I don't hate y/n, I think he/she is ok. Enough said.
Me: Ok, you heard him. He tolerates you.
Levi: Are you telling y/n this?



Me: Levi, what do you think of y/n?
Levi: y/n is a good comrade. I would trust them.
Me: Heichou.....
Levi:In fact, I would consider them for squad Levi.
Me:Yay, new squad member!

He loves you!!

He loves you!!

Me: Sooo, Levi......
Levi:.......Fine. I love y/n. A lot. I will protect y/n with my life.
Me: Heichou.......
Levi:Y/n is reading this, isn't she?
Me:*Steps back*Yes......
Levi:Takes out blades, walks toward me
Levi:Come with me, y/n.
*Outside* Embraces you in arms
Levi:I will always protect you...y/n-chan.

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