Plan a Wedding and We'll Tell You If It Was Successful

Can you plan the perfect wedding and make sure nothing goes wrong? Answer honestly! Credits to picture owners.

Created By introverted.
On Jul 25, 2018

First things first, who are you planning the wedding for?

Pick some invites...

Now that you've decided who's wedding you're planning, pick out a ring for them!

Great! Now let's go dress shopping. What dress is the bride-to-be going to rocking?

We're not finished yet! Don't forget about her bridesmaids...

Moving on, let's focus on the groom. What is he wearing?

And his groomsmen?

Now that the outfit issue is sorted out, where will the couple get hitched?

Now for the reception:

Next, pick some food to dish out...

And let us not forget the wedding cake!

What about a few drinks?

Oh no! Things are going well until your S.O's jealous ex shows up! What do you do?

Phew! Now that we've gotten that situation cleared up, select a ride for the happily wedded couple to ride home in...

Last but not least, are they going on a honeymoon?

It was a disaster!

It was a disaster!

Yikes...that wasn't the very best wedding.

Although you might have failed with your goal of creating the perfect wedding, you/your friend/your sibling/ still had fun and got married.

But hey, you can always try the quiz again and see if you can get that perfect wedding!



Congratulations! You successfully planned a wedding without anything thing going wrong!

You took care of the outfits, food, venue, and best of all, you/your friend/your sibling/ were extremely happy with the results. Great job!

It was pretty good!

It was pretty good!

Woo hoo! The wedding was pretty good!

You might have not gotten that perfect wedding you/your friend/your sibling/ wanted, but it was still seriously good.

Why don't you retry the quiz and see if you can get a perfect wedding score?

It could have been better...

It could have been better...

Well, that was an interesting wedding.

It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst either, It just needed a little bit more of that *sparkle*. You/your friend/your sibling/ was happy, but there could have been more to it.

You can always retry the quiz and see if you can get that perfect wedding!