Take This Sorting Quiz To Find Out Your Ilvermorny House!

You've known your Hogwarts house for years, but now it's time to find out where you'd be placed at Ilvermorny, the North American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Your results might surprise you!

Amy Sharpe
Created by Amy Sharpe
On Mar 29, 2017

A Pukwudgie walks into your place of work. Assuming you have no idea what it is - What do you do?

Of these options, what are you most afraid of?

You are picking up your friend from the train station. When you first see them, how do you greet them?

Select a cat toy to entertain this cat with.

Out of these options, which is closest to your magical dream job?

You have to fight a troll. How do you do it?

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert?

Would you say you're more intuitive or more prone to look at the facts?

Would you say you are more inclined to think with your head or your heart?

Do you prefer to make plans or go with the flow?

Who is your favorite Hogwarts professor?

Which is more important, finding answers or asking questions?

If you had a time-turner and were guaranteed that there would be no negative consequences, what would you use it for?

If you were to become a ghost after death, what would you do as a ghost, assuming you can be seen and communicated with, a la Nearly Headless Nick?

You Are House Horned Serpent!

You Are House Horned Serpent!

If each Ilvermorny house makes up a part of a witch or wizard, the Horned Serpent represents the mind. Horned Serpents are the scholars of Ilvermorny. While Horned Serpents may have a tendency toward introversion, they also tend to be highly intuitive, like their founder Isolt Sayre, and may even have a propensity for divination.

You are House Wampus!

You are House Wampus!

If each Ilvermorny house makes up a part of a witch or wizard, the Wampus represents the body. Wampuses tend to be warriors, argumentative but fiercely loyal. The Wampus House was founded by Webster Boot, Isolt Sayre's adopted son, who went on to return to England and become an auror. Many Wampuses may also have a propensity for Defense Against the Dark Arts as they strive to defend their friends.

You are House Pukwudgie!

You are House Pukwudgie!

If each Ilvermorny house makes up a part of a witch or wizard, the Pukwudgie represents the heart. Pukwudgies are healers. They may seem prickly and may even enjoy the occasional prank but are overwhelmingly warmhearted. Pukwudgie House was founded by James Steward, the No-Maj Co-founder of Ilvermorny. Pukwudgies may find that they have a propensity toward herbology or more practical areas of magic.

You are House Thunderbird!

You are House Thunderbird!

If each Ilvermorny house makes up a part of a witch or wizard, the Thunderbird represents the soul. Thunderbirds tend to be adventurers. Thunderbird House was founded by Chadwick Boot, the intelligent but temperamental adopted son of founders Isolt Sayre and James Steward, who went on to travel broadly and write Chadwick's Charms Vol. I-VII, essential textbooks of Ilvermorny. Thunderbirds may find that they have a similar propensity for charms as well as Quidditch.