Only People In A Long Term Relationship Will Know These 7 Couple Milestones

#6 - Meeting the parents!

Dawn Levy
Created by Dawn Levy
On Sep 6, 2017

Introducing them to your best friend

Although easier than meeting the family, showing them off to your best friend is just as important!


Calling them your boyfriend / girlfriend to others

You know you're in a relationship but saying it out loud is something else entirely!


Surviving your first disgreement

We're all people and sometimes we have our good days and bad days. One bad day does not define who we are or the strength of the relationship. What defines that is if you can laugh about it with your partner afterwards.


Going on Vacation

Going on vacation with your partner is a great way to test if you're truly compatible. Does your partner go with the flow? Do you both want to do the same things? Do you both compromise and work out a plan that makes both of you happy? These are all things that are a must.


You stay at their place more than you stay at yours

All of a sudden you'll stop and realize that you've been spending way more time at their place than at yours. How did that happen?


Meeting the Parents

You've put it off as long as possible, but now is the time to share your love with your family. No longer are you two a little secret but it's now an actual "thing".


Talking about the Future

The first time you both start talking about a future together is when you know you're serious. Knowing someone would be happy spending the rest of their lives with you is a feeling everyone should know!