Quiz: Glasgow pubs - what are they now?

How well do you know Glasgow's pubs past and present?

The Scotsman
Created By The Scotsman
On Dec 14, 2016
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Liberté on North Street changed name from the Black Sparrow, but what was it called before that?

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The Edge, formerly situated on the corner of Cochrane Street and S Frederick Street. The premises has since been taken over by a popular whisky bar - what is its name?

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What was the former name of The Research Club on Ashton Lane?

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The Hill on Byres Road was previously called Otto, but what was its name before that?

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Max's at 73 Queen Street was once home to a hugely popular pub named the Rock Garden. What was it before it became Max's?

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Iberica tapas bar on St Vincent Street was previously Anatolia, a Turkish bar & restaurant. Before this the bar was named after which Lochaber location?

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Bag O' Nails is a newly-opened establishment at 165 Dumbarton Road. What was its previous name?

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The Drury Street bar was once Booths coffee shop. What was it in between?

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Fat Boab's on the corner of Howard Street and Dixon Street is long gone; what is its name now?

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Camperdown Place, a Wetherspoon-owned theme bar at Queen Street Station. What was its previous name?

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Dram! on Woodlands Road was formerly home to a bar named after the Scottish Gaelic word for whisky. What was it called?

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Fothers on Nithsdale Road changed name over 5 years ago. What is it called now?

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Caribbean-themed bar The Rum Shack on Pollokshaws Road was briefly called The Kind Man. Before that the premises belonged to a more traditional style of pub. What was its name?

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Campus, the American style bar and club on the corner of Sauchiehall Street and Scott Street. What was the name of the previous establishment? It was forced to close its doors in 2010 following a mass brawl.

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Molly's Bar on Duke Street later became the New Variety. What is it today?

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There's a new 'pizza place & drinkmonger' at 956 Argyle Street - which popular pub did it replace in June of this year?

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Shilling Brewing Co at James Miller House on W George Street was previously Horton's, but what was it called before that?

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River on Clyde Street closed in 2014 and the site is currently unoccupied. The premises was also home to an earlier incarnation of the 13th Note. What was it called before River?

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This Sainsbury's Local on West George Street replaced which city centre pub?

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Sweeney's On The Park has stood on Pollokshaws Road for over 5 years. What was its previous name?

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