Quiz: Edinburgh pubs - what are they now?

How well do you know Edinburgh's boozers past and present?

The Scotsman
Created By The Scotsman
On Dec 9, 2016
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The Leith Depot. Its predecessor was once dubbed 'Edinburgh's worst bar'. What was its name?

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Moriarty on Lothian Road is a couple of years old now. What did it used to be?

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The Office on Easter Road and Albert Street is popular with Hibs fans on match days. What was its previous name?

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Entwine on Gorgie Road close to Tynecastle Stadium was previously called Pryde's, but what was it before that?

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The Beaten Docket on the corner of Portobello High Street and Brighton Place. What was the name of its previous incarnation?

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Balfours on Leith Walk. Its successor has a penchant for displaying animal figures in the window. What is its name?

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The predecessor of the newly-opened Hanover Tap was famous for its toilets 'hidden' behind a fake bookcase. What was it called?

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Tapas bar Serrano & Manchego at Leith Walk and Dalmeny Street was once regarded as "a true Leith stalwart". What was its name?

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The Blackbird at Tollcross. Its predecessor had been there for many years. What was its name?

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The Hermitage Bar in Morningside has reverted back to its old name after spending a few years as...

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The Fountain on Dundee Street, Fountainbridge. What was its official name prior to 2006?

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Robert Louis Stevenson's favourite drinking haunt, has been converted into a restaurant named Hispaniola - a reference to 'Treasure Island'. What was the pub originally called?

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The award-winning Jolly Botanist gin bar and diner at Haymarket was a very different type of establishment just a few years ago. What was its name?

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The Reverie Bar on Newington Road closed last year. What is it now?

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Gone is the Rutland Bar (also known as Rutland No.1) and gone is the cow sticking out the window of Kyloe.
What is the Rutland's name now?

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Hibs legend Lawrie Reilly stands outside the Right Wing pub on Willowbrae Road. It was named after Reilly's former teammate Gordon Smith, who played on the right wing for Hibernian in the 1950s. What did it change to?

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The Festival Tavern on Morrison Street made way for which popular pub?

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A real toughie and the newest entry in our quiz. What was the previous name of the Empress on Broughton Street? Clue: Its sister bar at the West End is still on the go.

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The Cask & Still on Leith Walk changed to The Mouse Trap very recently. The predecessor to the Cask & Still was referenced heavily in Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting. What was its name?

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Aspen on South Bridge later became Rascals, but what is it now?

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