What Is Your Spirit Insect? Yes, You Share A Personality Type With A Bug!

David Hamilton
On Dec 13, 2018
Select the answer below which best suits how your friends would describe you. Shy at firstAnnoyingLikes to travelVainBusyIndustriousSelect the answer below which best describes the type of activities you enjoy.Making musicAnnoying othersBuying new clothesWorking hardWhat types of food do you like to eat? I'll eat pretty much anythingSweetsVegetablesInsectsAre you in favor of living under a Monarchy? Or a system of rule which involves, Kings, Queens or similar roles? Only if I inherit the throneNoYesWhat personal characteristics do you value most?Perseverance GrowthLoyaltyProductivityWhat type of climate do you most enjoy?Does Not MatterRainyColdHot Name your favorite celebrity of those listed belowJames CromwellJerry SeinfeldAlan RickmanRalph MacchioLasith MalingaPaul RuddRodney Dangerfield