Can YOU Actually Spot A Liar? This Quiz Will Determine If You Can

People lie all the time! In fact, some lies have even become socially acceptable. This test will determine if you can spot a lying liar who is lying.

David Hamilton
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On Nov 20, 2018

Right-handed and left-handed people tend to give different clues that they are lying. If you ask your roommate about having seen someone go into your bedroom and their eyes dart up and to the left before they answer, do you think that person is lying to you or telling the truth?

Now you ask your same roommate if they heard anything suspicious outside your room. Before they answer their eyes dark to the right. Is your roomate lying to you about what they heard?

You then ask your roommate if they smelt anything suspicious or out of the ordinary coming from your bedroom. Before your roommate answers, their eyes veer down and to the right. Do you feel your roommate is lying to you?

Two people are being accused of having murdered someone. You tell each suspect in a separate room that their murder victim has actually survived (you are lying). Each suspect smiles as you tell them. Suspect #1 flashes a huge smile with eyes wide-open staring at you. Suspect #2 smiles and their eyes get small as wrinkles and the skin around them bunch together. Which suspect is giving you a fake smile?

Your friend is telling a story. During the course of telling the story, they nod their head up and down as if saying "yes". Has this person just exhibited evidence of lying?

Similarly, a person telling a story shakes their head back and forth while doing so. Has this person exhibited a sign of lying?

Coughing or a clearing of the throat can be a sign of deceptiveness but not always. When are these actions a possible sign a person is lying?

Select the answer below which you believe to be a sign someone isn't telling the truth.



Based on your answers, it's easy to see that you are great at spotting a liar.



Based on your answers, it seems it's really easy to get an untruth passed you.

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