Are You Good With Money? These Questions Will Determine If You Need To Reign In Your Spending

Being good with money is an important skill. Take this quiz and we'll determine if you need to cut back your spending, save more, and/or make more wise decision with your resources.

David Hamilton
On Nov 29, 2018

How often is your chequing account down to under $100 or less?

How often are you late paying bills?

If your pay (or revenue earned) was cut by 20%, how much would this impact your life?

For what reasons do you ever use credit cards?

Do you have a budget? If so, do you stick to it?

What percentage of your earnings to you put away for retirement?

If your hometown had an emergency, what percentage of your monthly income would you feel comfortable donating to help those in need?

How often do you have to check your debit balance to make sure you are able to purchase something?

Yes, you're good with money

Yes, you're good with money

No, you're not good with money

No, you're not good with money