How Much Do You Really Know About Hunting?

Time to find out if you really are a hunting expert!

Dave Orton
Created By Dave Orton
On Dec 17, 2016

Is this a deer or a moose?
(yeah, we begin with an easy one ;)

What percent of Americans actually hunt?

In the USA, can you hunt deer all year long?

In the 1996–2006 period, the number of hunters over the age of sixteen...

More Americans hunt and shoot, than play golf.

How many Americans hunt?

Southerners in states along the eastern seaboard hunt at a rate below the national average.

What is the fastest growing market in sport shooting?

Is white-tailed deer included in the Big Game Animals category?

What is varmint hunting?

Hunting is NOT regulated by STATE law.

How much does an average hunter spends every year on hunting?

Is it forbidden by state law to hunt in Hawaii?

By how many years does North American hunting pre-date the United States?

Is this a deer or a moose?

And finally, what percent of Americans support legal hunting?

You are a hunting expert!!

You are a hunting expert!!

You are a hunting expert. You are confident, determined, and conscientious. You love the outdoors, and you enjoy spending time by yourself. Hunters are good team members, who recognize the needs of others and take a moment to think before they talk.
You are most likely adaptable and a fast learner, and you understand the importance of hard work. Your philosophy is 'input equals output'.
“For us hunting wasn’t a sport. It was a way to be intimate with nature.” -Ted Kerasote

You failed :( You are no hunting expert.

You failed :( You are no hunting expert.

You failed the hunting test. You must be a gatherer rather than a hunter. Share the news with everyone you know.