Which Unusual Job Would You Be Great For?

Say goodbye to that 9 to 5!

Dapho Dill
Created By Dapho Dill
On Jun 21, 2017

Welcome to Dontwantacornyjobopolis! I'll be your guide. Please list what you identify as below:

This test is super easy, just put yes or no to the following questions. Just relax, have fun, and be yourself.

Are you a talented writer?

Would you consider yourself witty? (think about the joke, by the way - it's hilarious)

Do you like wild animals?

Are you a foodie?

Do you have a pet?

Do you like helping people?

Are you comfortable being around strangers?

Would you consider yourself creative?

Do you think you're artistic?

Are you good at acting?

Are you in touch with your emotions?

Do you value money over happiness?

Make more money but hate the job?

Professional Cuddler

Professional Cuddler

You'd be an amazing Professional Cuddler!

Yes, oh yes! This is a real job! You get paid (up to $80 an hour!) to cuddle with someone. You are generous and open-minded enough to make a huge impact by doing this.

All you need is some sympathy and patience, and I'd wager those are two of your strengths.

It also wouldn't hurt to buy some good lotion while you're at it. You wouldn't want to be cuddling someone if you have crustomatic hands.

Good luck!

Fortune Cookie Writer

Fortune Cookie Writer

You can't make up stuff this good! There are honestly people who get paid to write these things, and I think you'd be great at it!

You're witty and playful, so I think you'd be an amazing fortune cookie fortune writer!

Writers can get paid up to a dollar for each witty line they produce. Produce a few thousand, and you're in great shape! Produce a million, and you've changed the fortune cookie game!

Then you can change the recipe for those AWFUL cookies.



Becoming particularly popular in Asia, where affluent individuals would hire a public mourner to grieve for them. As long as you're in touch with your emotions and comfortable in new environments (which I'd wager you are).

The only thing you need to do now is get a stylish (yet sensible) black outfit and go cry your eyes out for some moolah.

I mean, Meryl Streep does it all the time. Why can't you?

Lego Master Builder

Lego Master Builder

Apart from having the coolest job name EVER, you'd be given the chance to let your artistic eye take charge.

While they don't get paid much money, they literately have the best job ever. I'd take that $15 an hour and be quite happy with it!

Of course, it takes about 7 years to become a Lego Master Builder, and it takes more hours than I can count. But I think you're up for the task.

What do you think? Are you ready for some Lego Master realness?

Animal Talent Agent

Animal Talent Agent

Mr. Fluffers will finally get his payday, thanks to you! You have the magnetism and drive to be able to be a great talent agent. It also requires a knack for being around animals and difficult people in general.

You can help all the saxophone playing mice finally get their big break! I'm sure there are some good cheese sales to attract your new clients!

Professional Chocolate Taster

Professional Chocolate Taster

Three words: best, job, ever.

You can get paid (almost $100,000 a year) to pig out of chocolate! But it's not all fun and games. You have to have an eye for detail and a great sense of experience.

You'll need to spend a few dollars on a gym membership though, all that chocolate might sneaky up on you!

This job might give you a quick introduction and Love and Handles.