Which Famous TV Family Would You Fit Into Perfectly?

Do you support Addams Family Values - or are you part of the Brady Bunch!?

Dapho Dill
Created by Dapho Dill
On Mar 29, 2017

Let's be weirdoes for a few questions: if you could eat any of these mythical creatures, which mystical creature would you eat?

What flower would look good in this grown man's hair?

If your Mother and Father switched personalities, on a scale from 1-8, how WEIRD would it be?

Oh yeah, we're still being weird - what's the result of how many siblings you wanted, minus how siblings you have, plus half the ones that you don't really like?

On a scale from 1-8, how WEIRD were all my weird questions?

I'm rather liking this weird thing... I think I'll keep it going. Choose the color that you think would be the smelliest.

What color do you associate with the word "serendipity?"

What word would you associate with this funky lookin' color?

Apple is to fart, as butter is to

Tum... tum tum tum

The Kardashians

The Kardashians

You clearly are attracted to the fancier things in life. The glitz, the glam, but not the ham (because that's too fattening~)

You'd fit PERFECTLY with the Kardashians. So go and get a pair of those dreadful shades they're always wearing, change the first letter of your name to a K - oh yeah, if you're Paul, you're now Kaul. If you're Maddie, you're now Kaddie. If you're Thadeus, you're now Kdadeus, and it's totally stupid but those are the rules.

You're fancy, fun - make that kancy, and kun?

Say hi to Kylie for me... I'm told she's been getting frisky with some jungle beast.

The Jacksons

The Jacksons

It really is easy as ABC and 1 2 3, I'd put you RIGHT with the Jacksons.

You are talented, fun, and pretty dramatic (might as well claim it proudly!) You can come in a room and change the game up when you want to. Might want to grab a few pick combs, a sparkly glove, and some high pitched vocals - then you'll be a true Jackson!

I heard Janet Jackson is trying to have a baby, wish her luck for me!

The Bradys

The Bradys

You're kind, curious, and wholesome - precisely the perfect addition to the Bradys!

All you have to do now is get their hair styles and wear those absolutely horrible plaid shirts and you're all the way to Bradydom!

You might want to spend a few thousand dollars whitening your teeth too, seeing as it seems like all of them have some major dentist bills!

The Sopranos

The Sopranos

"Aye yo' Buddy!"

That, my friend, was as flawless an Italian accent as I could offer you.

First and foremost, it doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man - your name is Tony. So hey Tony!

You are smooth, proud, and definitely out to win (no matter what). Whether you're raising your kids to be happy to tying rocks to people's ankles when they're going 6th feet under - you're trying your best.

You belong with the Sopranos! NOW all you need is a gun... but that's none of my business... >_>

The Addamses

The Addamses

You are a total weirdo. I mean that in the best way possible, really - the weird people are the ones that run this world - clearly! Just look at Forbes most powerful and richest people and tell me any of them that are "normal."

You are new, refreshing, and captivating. You belong with the Addamses! I can already hear you and Morticia talking about your zombie friends.

And to save you a lot of trouble... when you see that hand, run! I'm told he gets pretty touchy with strangers~

The Obamas

The Obamas

Yes, they're a t.v. Family. I see them on t.v. ALL the time.

You are cool, sophisticated, and represent everything that a happy family represents. You're also extremely intelligent, definitely Princeton potential and belong right in the White House.

Well... they're on their way out, but if you get a few suits and press your hair you'll be a perfect addition to the Presidential family!