Which Character From X-Men Apocalypse Would Be Your Alter Ego!?

You could have been an omega level telepath and not even know it!

Dapho Dill
Created by Dapho Dill
On Mar 29, 2017

This is Apocalypse. Total weirdo, absolutely loony, ad alien technology lover. Our journey begins here, are you for him... or against him?

Now choose a word that your best friend would describe you as:

A word to describe your best friend?

Do you even have many friends?

And how about your enemies?

How "old" are you? I'll just leave that to... interpretation...? How "old" do you "feel?"

Chemical waste has been in the air where you live for 10 years and you've developed a mutant power - what is it?

A phrase you can SEE describing yourself?

Charles Xavier invites you to teach a seminar, what subject will you teach?

Love... or money? And choosing one absolutely means you will never truly get the other.

Professor Charles Xavier

Professor Charles Xavier

Oh! Professor Xavier! It's funny seeing you taking my little ole' quiz! I was sure you'd be far too busy putting up with all that mess that Apocalypse is causing to splurge on some free time...

Nevermind that! You're smart, calm, and always collected. You have an amazing control over yourself and you have the best interest of those you care about in your heart. That's why Professor Xavier is your alter ego!

And allow me to give you a piece of advice that will save you A LOT of trouble...

Kill Magneto.

You're welcome.



Magneto! What are YOU doing here!?

First you betray Xavier and then you to try to catch ME off guard? You're 100 years too early before your get one up on me, Pikachu!

I'll admit that you are an undeniably amazing leader, but you will do absolutely anything to reach your goals - and that's dangerous! Sure... sure... you've saved the X-Men quite a few times but you've given them 10 times the trouble!

Now get out of my house! And leave my silverware! And make sure no one saw your come here, either! I don't need my neighbors thinking I'm in co-hoots with Magneto!



I should've known you were coming when it started raining on my picnic area after the news PROMISED me a day of sunlight.

.... Now that my cucumber sandwiches are ruined, I supposed you want me to tell you why you're Storm, huh?

You are precisely as the name details, a storm. You fight for what you believe in, and sometimes you let your emotions take control - but you'll always stand up for what you deem to be true. You're a fighter, and maybe you're being a little insane and fighting on the side of *cough* evil *cough* - but I trust you'll come to your senses.

And before you decide to pop up on one of my X-Men picnic parties... bring a dish... and an umbrella -_- .

Jean Grey

Jean Grey

Hey, Jean!

It's so nice to see you when the Phoenix hasn't gotten her crazy for cocopuffs hands on you! I hope you're doing well~

You are loyal, kind, and intriguing. You ask the best type of questions precisely when they need to be asked. You have the potential to change the world when your mind is on it, and that's why you attract the most loyal (and sometimes crazy) people.

You should NEVER be taken for granted, you are a force to be reckoned with and a great friend to have.

Thanks for visiting, Jean! And... *looks over shoulder* Jean... *gets a little closer to whisper* maybe pick Logan instead of Scott? I mean... really, who picks Thunder Eyes over the Wolverine himself? But I guess that's none of my business huh?

*pops collar*

Pull it together, Little Phoenix - pull it together.



Well... well... well... Look who we have here!


How wonderful for you to drop in, and in your true skin - at that! I'm so used to you using those powers of yours to sneak up and kill people that I'm almost surprised to see you!

But let's be fair, you're not all evil - you're just a bit confused... One time you're on the good side, the next time you're evil - and every time you're a smurf.

You are mysterious, careful, and pretty weird. But you've learned to own your weirdness, and it's that confidence that makes you especially special.

And before you go I'll save you a lot of trouble Mystique... just leave Magneto alone already - he's nothing but trouble. Ever my silverwear came floating after him he's been nothing but trouble!



Just when you think you found all the potential psychopaths in the world, THEY CATCH YOU OFF GUARD!

Hello, Apocalypse - I'd say it's nice to see you but I'd be lying my hilarious butt off. What are you even DOING here? Shouldn't you be busy trying to destroy the WORLD or something?

You're dark, dangerous, and absolutely dog'on crazy. To have this alter ego means you have some serious problems brewing. I won't be inviting you to any of the X-Men picnics!

Oh... before you go... guess what - the good guy ALWAYS wins... how do you like THOSE mutant apples?



I'm about tired of all these blue people... I mean, what the hell is in the water where you guys live? Maybe you can research why, Beast?

You're intellectual, in control, but absolutely animal-like when someone indangers the person you care about. You also don't need to be as blue as you are to realize that you stick out like a sore thumb.

That's because people are watching how talented you are and are silently being blown away.

Be proud of who you are! (and how blue you are, too!)



Oh! Nightcrawler! I didn't notice you... ya' know... teleport in here and hang from the rafters... >_>

You've always been the quiet type, huh? I don't know why... you have a lot to offer, don't you think? You're funny, smart, interesting, and a great friend. Be proud and show off once and a while.

It also wouldn't hurt if you stay away from the government, though - it'll save the future quite a few issues. You wouldn't BELIEVE the type of stuff I go through trying to keep the X-Men under wraps...

Don't go ending up in any walls on your way out, Nightcrawler. See ya'!

Oh! And use the door next time? Thanks.