The True Love Test! Send This To Your Significant Other!

It'll be a nice night or a total nightmare!

Dapho Dill
Created by Dapho Dill
On Jun 30, 2017

Welcome to Isssss Itttttt Reaaalllllll! The game show when you find out if you're really in love! It'll either be a nice night or a total nightmare! Tell me a little about yourself~

Do you feel the butterflies?

How unique are the traits of your significant other?

Write how many days a week you enjoy being alone?

Divide the number of people you've dated by how many times you've fallen in love. Choose the closest number.

Does this painting remind you of them?

When you first see your significant other you:

Is your significant other different from the people you usually date?

How long did it take for you to fall in love?

(in my best announcing voice) Thanks for playing Isssss Itttt Reallllllllllllllllll~ Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section!

True Love

True Love

It's realllllllllll!

Well, it's as real as an imaginary game show host can find out with only 8 questions (lol!)

You are showing the most important signs of being in true love. So show this to your significant other and see if they get the same result as you! Or if you're not dating anyone, maybe there is a person that you kept in mind when taking this quiz?

All that's left now is to get some roses that cost more money than they should, some chocolates that cost more than rent in Kansas, and you're on your way to a night of romance!

Also, two words - engage and ment.

Uhm... well... huh...

Uhm... well... huh...

Uhm... well....

Ya'know... It just...

I mean...


(shrugs shoulders)

I have no idea. This could be love, a fling, a seasonal romance, or a crush. You're showing some signs, but not the kind for me to be able to tell you one way or not.

I'm curious, what do you think? I'd love to hear about the situation if you'd like to share.



This will stay just between you and me... deal?

*you nod*