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The Greatest Generation
WWI children & fighters in WWII & young in the Great Depression, they saw it all with no modern conveniences!
Born 1901-1926
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The Silent Generation
Corporate jobs! Suburbs! TV! Rock ‘n Roll! Cars! Playboy Magazine! Women stay home, man works 1 job 4 life!
Born 1927- 1945
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The Baby Boomers
Civil Rights, free love, non-violent protests, MLK, JFK, credit, regular TV watching, divorce, & retirement!
Born 1946 - 1964
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Generation X
Intro American consumerism, divorced/career-driven parents, early individualism, drugs, labels, & brand names!
Born 1965-1984
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Generation Y/Millennials
Clearly the most awesome! Very nurtured, very now, entitled, high hopes, digital everything, media-controlled.
Born 1985-1999
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Generation Z
Tweens growing up too quick, never knew a world w/o smart tech, many broken homes, savvy consumers, TV raised.
Born 2000 to 2010
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Generation Alpha
Handed their parents iPhones, learn only via technology, don't know cursive, will bear witness to a New World
Born 2011 & After
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