Do You Think More Like A Man or a Woman?

Do you have a male brain or a female brain?

Daniel Roth
Created by Daniel Roth
On Jun 10, 2016

You fall out with a friend. What do you do?

Which are you most likely to remember?

How important are other people's opinions of you?

How intuitive are you about other people's feelings?

Which way is this model spinning?

What's the key to career success?

When you cross your legs, which leg is on top?

I'm more...

You're trying to remember how to get somewhere. Do you...

You're explaining something to someone who doesn't understand. How easy is it for you to change your approach and describe it in a different way?



You're far more likely to depend on fact that feeling, and you're not always the best at communicating. You like to take strong, decisive action, but you sometimes fail to notice how other people are feeling. You'd excel at a job like pilot, DJ or police officer - you're an exciting, bold and risk-taking person, so you'd be great at a job that requires you to make strong decisions quickly and confidently back them up.



You depend more on feeling and intuition to get by than the cold hard facts. You're a great communicator, and you intuitively understand what makes people tick. You'd be great as a counsellor or therapist, or something creative like a writer, because you're a kind, empathetic person. Well done!

50% Male 50% Female

50% Male 50% Female

You're a mixture! You're logical and rational, which are traits normally associated with men, but you're also intuitive, communicative and emotional. Because you're so versatile, you could pretty much put your hand to any job and excel - whether that be as an empathetic therapist or a risk-taking stockbroker, you'd wow your bosses in any industry. Well done!