Could You Be A Journalist?

Could you get a scoop?

Daniel Roth
Created By Daniel Roth
On Mar 29, 2016

Someone asks you for details on a source you've used for a story. What do you do?

Which kids book did you always wish you were in?

What's the legal definition of slander?

How do you cope when you don't get enough sleep?

Someone's tweeted about a bomb in Central London and several smaller outlets have already picked it up. You're running the news desk - what do you do?

Are you a perfectionist?

What's a standfirst?

A friend tells you a piece of interesting gossip. You...

How do you take criticism?

How are you with deadlines?

You couldn't be a journalist

You couldn't be a journalist

You could never be a journalist. Maybe you don't have the skills, maybe you don't have the interest. Either way, you're less William Randolph Hearst and more William Randolph Worst. Perhaps brush up on some shorthand and your listening skills if you want a shot at the front page.

You'd be an okay journalist

You'd be an okay journalist

You could probably wing it. You're not exactly George Orwell, but you could get by fine. You've got the know-how and the ambition, and with some work you could go pretty far as a hack. Just don't expect a Pulitzer any time soon.

You'd be a great journalist

You'd be a great journalist

Stop the presses! You're a regular Rusbridger - a feted Fleet Street headline-grabber in the making, with all the right tools to go supernova in the print game. Play your cards right and you could be editing national broadsheets in no time. Impressive...