Are You a Literary Snob?

Are you more Silas Marner or Stephanie Meyer?

Daniel Roth
Created By Daniel Roth
On Feb 2, 2016

Which of these is your favourite?

How would you rate this book?

How many James Joyce novels have you read?

Which of these Harry Potters was best?

Which of these would you read again?

What’s your favourite type of book?

What do you look for in a novel?

Favourite genre?

Which of these floats your boat?

Favourite poet?



You are more Silas Marner than Stephanie Meyer, more JG Ballard than JK Rowling. You’ve read more books than you can Shake a Speare at, which is why you totally loved that joke we just did. You’d rather read the American Greats than airport fiction, and woe betide any two-bit hacks who get in the way.



You’re somewhere in the middle, as happy with postmodernism as you are with pulp fiction. Sometimes you like to challenge yourself, sometimes you like to kick back with some easy reading. You're not pretentious, and you're secure enough in your tastes to be comfortable reading new or popular things. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and they don’t call it a happy medium for nothing.



You may not be the most well-read person in the room - you’re more 50 Shades of Gray than Dorian Gray - but who wants to be a book snob anyway? You like what you like, even if you think the literary canon is something you find on a pirate ship, and it doesn’t matter what the critics say - your easy reading will always be more fun than 500 pages of Dostoevsky any day of the week.