These 5 Questions Can Determine Just How Good Your Instincts Are!

Answer these 5 simple questions and find out if you should trust your instincts or not!

Danielle Finger
Created by Danielle Finger
On Mar 30, 2017

This bomb is about to go off...

Do you take the right path or the left path?

There are 2 envelopes, 1 of them holds a check for 1 million dollars... pick one!

One pill is poison... which one would you pick?

One of these doors opens up to danger, while the other opens to safety, which do you choose?

Your instincts are ON POINT!!

Your instincts are ON POINT!!

Your instincts about most things in life are absolutely on point!

You follow the deep pulsating force that lies within your belly. When you are faced with difficult decisions in life, you instinctively listen within and follow your gut instinct. You find it easier than other people to make decisions as you are incredible in tune with yourself and recognising what makes you happy. Some decisions might feel impulsive but your instincts will always lead you down the right path, as long as you keep listening to that inner voice.

Your instincts may be a bit off!

Your instincts may be a bit off!

Your gut feeling doesn't always lead you down the right path!

We suggest that you follow your head instead of your gut! You should follow your decisive and logical reasoning brain. You have lived through a lot of experiences in life and understand that sometimes your gut instinct doesn't always lead you where you need to go. You take your instincts and impulses into account but maybe you should consider many other factors when making a decision, and that should serve you well!