Your Personality Can Only Be ONE Of These Four Colors. Which Is It?

Every person's personality fits into one of these basic colors. Which colors does yours fit into?

Danielle Finger
Created by Danielle Finger
On Mar 29, 2017

Which of these colors do you like the most?

Which color would you associate with SUCCESS?

Which flower catches your eye?

Which image provides you with peace of mind?

Which is your blue?

Pick the image that makes you feel the most UNCOMFORTABLE:

Which of these is your LEAST favorite color?

Red: Fierce extrovert

Red: Fierce extrovert

Your personality is the color red which means you are one fierce extrovert!!

Like a fire, you burn with passion and desire. Your dominant personality trait is your ardency. You are dynamic, powerful, strong, sexy, and exciting. Because you're so intense, you can be very aggressive. You are a determined and highly competitive person who invests 100% in everything you do. You are extremely outgoing and love being the center of attention! Your confidence is admired by many!

Blue: Smart introvert

Blue: Smart introvert

Your personality is the color blue which means you are calm and sensitive introvert!!

This means that you are very sensitive and in touch with your feelings. You are compassionate, gentle, and kind. You follow a spiritual path, seeking happiness and enlightenment. You are also calm, quiet, and tend to be passive. You do not like confrontation so you try to work things out as peacefully as possible. You really enjoy being alone and you tend to get a bit nervous when there are people around. Despite your hesitance to be around people, when you are in social situation, people adore your calming aura!

Yellow: Warm idealist

Yellow: Warm idealist

Your personality is the color yellow which means you are a warm and loving idealist!!

You are bright, cheerful, and optimistic. Like the sun, you are a ray of light. You are also very spontaneous. You have an abundance of energy, and you're constantly seeking adventure and exhilaration. Your energy and positive energy is infectious, people love being around because no matter what, you always put them in a good mood! You love surprises and you thrive in the unexpected.

Green: Smart realist

Green: Smart realist

Your personality is the color green which means you are a connected and smart realist!!

You are extremely wise and rational. In Buddhism, green represents a mind that is the embodiment of intelligence. Your mind is ripe with knowledge and rich with experience. You are creative, but also a bit neurotic. You have the tendency to be very defensive and controlling, but it's only because you truly are the smartest. You are extremely connected to the world around you and you prefer to practice caution rather than spontaneity. People prefer coming to you for your much appreciated level headed advice and wisdom!

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