How Well Do You Know The Star Wars Universe

A test of your knowledge of various word building elements of the Star Wars Universe.

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Which of these Lightsaber resistant materials is described as being brittle?

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A major Hyperspace lane that cuts through the entire galaxy

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What is pictured above

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Which company is not considered one of the largest arms manufacturers in the galaxy?

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Which class of droids included droids designed for warfare and combat?

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Which of these regions is the most coreward?

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The Unknown regions are located in which section of the Galaxy?

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Which of these hands beats a pure Sabacc?

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Which of these species has the longest life span?

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The priest caste of the Sith species were called the

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How many days are in a galactic standard year?

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All of the following words can be found in both the Jedi and Sith codes except?

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A common saying in Mando'a the that has many meanings but translates to let's hunt

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The name for the ships that carried the Force-sensitive ancestors of the Je'daii Order to Tython in 36,453 BBY,

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What is not one of the primary dangers of traveling through Hyperspace

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Which planet is not known for their shipyards?

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Which of these expletives or vulgar insults are not Huttese

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A style of lightsaber combat defined by using two blades

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What type of crystals do most Sith use in their lightsabers?

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Hyperdrives are rated

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