Go Live with an App like Gojek in a Few Days

The article below provides steps to entrepreneurs how they can go live with an app like gojek in a few days.

Created by cubetaxi
On Nov 7, 2019
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Steps to Go Live with an App like Gojek in a Few Days

Who could have thought that one could be availing of on-demand services through the medium of an app! However, with the inception of Gojek in 2010, the on-demand service industry witnessed a transformational change. 

Incepted in 2010 primarily as a ride-hailing and ride-sharing app, today it offers over 52 major services to the users living in Indonesia and because of its offering over a multitude of services like car-wash, beautician service, haircut, handyman service, etc., the solution has become popular among entrepreneurs starting their on-demand service industry.

The Gojek App has some unique features that have made it unique among users, the service providers as well as the business owners. Below mentioned are some of those features explained in detail. 

Features that Make Gojek Popular Amongst Users, Service Providers & Business Owners

  1. Book Now or Later - With this feature, the user can book the order either for the same day or schedule it for a later date.
  2. Multiple Payment - With this feature, the user can choose from different payment modes like cash, card or wallet so as to make the payment for the services booked by them
  3. Set Availability Online - With this feature, the service provider can set their availability online in order to start receiving the job requests from the users
  4. Push Notifications - With the help of this feature, the business owner can market new services & features as well as provide discounts to the users 
  5. Statistics - With the help of this feature, the service provider can keep track of all the earnings made by them in a statistical or graphical format

Along with the features mentioned above, other features that make Gojek unique are real-time tracking, scan credit card for payment, etc.

So, as a business owner of an on-demand service industry who wants to make it big in the world of business and make huge profits, you need to build a gojek like app that can help you do that. 

It is, however, important to remember that building an app from scratch is an arduous task and a costly affair. Thus, if it becomes possible to go live with an app like Gojek in a few days, nothing like it. 

Below mentioned are how it can become possible for you as an entrepreneur to go live with an app like Gojek in a few days.

  1. White-Labeled - Being white-labeled will ensure that as the app owner, everywhere on the gojek-like app, will the name of the business and the logo appear on the app.
  2. Licensed Source Code - With licensed source code, your solution could be customized as per the requirements of your business, your customers and the region where you launch the solution. 
  3. Secure Payment Gateways - With secure payment gateways, your users can be assured that their payment-related information would remain secure and not get revealed. 
  4. In-App Notifications - With this feature, you can instantly market new services, etc., directly to your users

Thus, to sum up, if your Gojek-like app possesses these components, you can be assured that you would be successful in making it live in just a matter of few days and taking your on-demand service industry towards altogether new heights of success.