Weird Things You Can Buy with Crypto

Hallucinogenic honey, Nicolas Cage pillowcases, Zimbawean Dollars... guess what of these weird things you can buy with crypto?

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On Oct 28, 2019
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Unexpected Stuff You Can Buy with Crypto

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This honey extracted from rhododendron flower in Nepal is often referred to as the mad honey due to its strong hallucinogenic effect. Do you think you can buy it with Bee-tcoin?

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Can you buy the world’s most expensive spice with the world’s most popular cryptocurrency?

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This traditional Swedish lightly-salted fermented Baltic Sea herring dish is rightfully considered to be the smelliest food in the world! Can you buy it with crypto?

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One Canadian company decided to elevate the crypto merch to a new level and created handmade crypto quilts! Does it look like real thing?

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Tried all possible methods to seduce your crush and still no success? Maybe, you should try some pheromones. But can you buy them with crypto?

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The cheapest electricity for you bitcoin mining farm. Right in your basement! Is it possible to get it with crypto?

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Tired of regular grid-like calendars and want something more innovative? Maybe, you should try the circular calendar. It enables you to track the sun movement and looks like a fried egg! Can you buy it with crypto?

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The Zimbabwe Dollar is the best symbol of what endless money printing leads to. The value of Zimbabwe Dollar was so negligible that it was cheaper to use it instead of toilet paper. Can you exchange it for Bitcoin?

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Hopefully, you won’t puke with rainbow after eating this! Can you buy this with crypto?

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Pheromones didn’t help? Maybe, you should get yourself a highly-realistic AI Sex Robot! She never complains and says ‘No!’! So can you buy this technological wonder with Bitcoin?

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Ayahuasca is a traditional herbal brew made by indigenous people of the Amazon basin for spiritual rituals. If cooked right, it can give you a real psychedelic experience. Can you buy it with crypto?

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Nothing special. Just pillowcases with the best actor in the world sold for crypto.

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