Only British History Buffs Can Score At Least 11/13 On This Bizarre True/False Challenge!

Think you know the history of the Great Britain? Well, the U.K. was founded in 1535, and there are centuries of British history before that, so get ready for a quiz that could baffle the staunchest Brit!

Calvin Straw
Created By Calvin Straw
On Mar 20, 2018
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In 1894, a newspaper predicted that London would be buried under 9 feet of industrial ash by 1950.

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In 1369, the stench of blood and guts from butchery was so offensive to King Edward III that he banned the killing of animals for butchering within London city limits.

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Queen Elizabeth II abolished the royal position known as "Groom of the Stool," or a regal toilet attendant.

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London was built by the ancient Greeks.

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When King Charles I was beheaded, people watching the execution were permitted to dip their handkerchiefs in his blood.

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William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, and King Charles I all had nose piercings.

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Victorians who couldn't afford chimney sweeps dropped live geese down the chimney instead.

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In 1500s Britain, you had to pay a special tax for having a beard.

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Queen Elizabeth II received a half-ton giant tin of anchovies as a wedding gift when she married Prince Philip.

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William the Conqueror's corpse exploded on mourners at his funeral.

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In 1811, almost 25% of British women were named Elizabeth.

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During WWII, the British government promoted propaganda that told the public to eat carrots in order to improve night vision.

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King Henry III kept a polar bear in the tower of London.

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