Only A Person With Genius-Level Reasoning Abilities Can Get 11/13 On This Estimation Test!

Can you guess the correct number of seeds on a dandelion head? Can you figure out the average number of spring coils in a queen mattress? Test your logic skills here, and find out if your a guesstimating genius!

Calvin Straw
Created by Calvin Straw
On Aug 8, 2017
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A single dandelion head can produce up to how many seeds?

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How many times per week does the average cow stand up and lay down?

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What percentage of the 1975 AMC Pacer is made of glass?

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Traveling at 220 mph, how many times per minute will the average open-wheel racecar's front tires rotate?

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On average, how many coil springs will you find in a queen-size mattress?

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On average, how many pounds do the ashes of a cremated human weigh?

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How many miles of wire thread could be made from one ounce of gold?

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What are the odds of rolling two sixes with a pair of dice?

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How many cups of sliced strawberries does a person have to eat to equal the same amount of calories in a 32 oz. McDonald's Strawberry Milkshake?

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On average, how many glasses of milk can one dairy cow produce each day?

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How many bees does it take to produce one tablespoon of honey?

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How many U.S. dollars would you need in 2007 to equal the purchasing power of $500 in 1850?

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How many feet of continuous line can one BIC ballpoint pen draw?

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