Can You Find Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Rudolph's nose really makes him stand out in the crowd, but Santa is kind of nearsighted! Can you help find the red-nosed reindeer in each of these pictures?

Calvin Straw
Created by Calvin Straw
On Jan 12, 2017

Starting out, can you find Rudolph in the snow?

Little known fact about Rudolph: He's one of six siblings.

Did you know he was on the deerleading squad in school?

Aww. Rudolph was the only third-wheel at the Reindeer Ball!

Rudolph was usually the odd deer out during flight practice.

His nose was bright, but his speed was just kind of average.

His graduating class had 57 reindeer in it.

But he was always a favorite among the elves.

Now he organizes the North Pole Christmas card when offduty!

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