13 Devilishly Creative Acts Of Vengeance That Will Make You Giggle

If you've ever wanted to get some sweet, sweet revenge on your cheating ex or passive aggressive roommate, take some notes from these brilliant avengers!

Calvin Straw
Created by Calvin Straw
On Apr 3, 2017
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First, we have an all-purpose revenge tactic that only takes two hours and three rolls of aluminum foil.

2. A classic, elevated:

3. If a fruit-lover offends you, try this:

4. Slow service? No service? Condiment bottles are great for writing.

5. Bad parking at the grocery store?

6. When you mess with sanitation workers' ability to reach trash bins, you end up with this:

7. And when your parking issues cannot be resolved with a simple, temporary fix:

8. Now, let's move on to cheating partners...

9. Go big or go home...

10. When you want him to burn the way he's burned you, just dump some icy hot in all of his undies.

11. When you want to get revenge but be really inclusive and philanthropic about it...

12. And when you want the ultimate public shaming...

13. Finally, for those pesky, passive aggressive roomies...

Would you use any of these brilliant revenge plans? Talk to us about it in the comments below, and share with your friends to see what they think!

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