Will you Tap-Out or Triumph in this ultimate Wrestlemania Quiz?

With Wrestlemania 33 looming and WWE's biggest stars preparing to perform on the grandest stage, how will you fare in our quiz? Can you emerge victorious, or will you be left beaten and broken?

Michael Craig
Created By Michael Craig
On Mar 29, 2017

Actor Mr T tag teamed with Hulk Hogan in the first Wrestlemania main event in 1985. Which famous sportsperson was an official?

Which WWE legend is known as 'Mr Wrestlemania'?

Who has competed in the most Wrestlemania main events (final match of the show)?

Who was The Undertaker's first victim at Wrestlemania, to kickstart his 21 straight wins?

Who won the very first televised match at the very first Wrestlemania, back in 1985?

Who has the most celebrity appearances at Wrestlemania?

Which superstar has lost the most Wrestlemania matches in history?

Which superstar holds the record for most match wins in a single Wrestlemania (on the same night)?

Wrestlemania 33 is in Orlando. How many of the previous 32 Wrestlemanias were in Florida?

Which of the following celebrities has NOT appeared at Wrestlemania?

You tapped out!

You tapped out!

You won the title!

You won the title!