Sid The Kid: How Well Do You Really Know Sidney Crosby?

Having added a second Stanley Cup and a Conn Smythe trophy to his many accolades, Sidney Crosby is delivering on his teenage promise to be an all-time great. How well do you know Sid the Kid?

Michael Craig
Created By Michael Craig
On Jun 13, 2016
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In which Canadian province was Sidney Crosby born and raised?

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As a teen sensation, Crosby was nicknamed "The Next One". Who was his childhood hockey hero?

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In 2014, Crosby took an online college course in which subject while racking up a 100+ point season?

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Crosby has a dog called "Sam" of what breed?

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Sidney's father, Troy, was a goalie drafted by which NHL team?

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In what year was Crosby drafted #1 overall?

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What was the nickname of the team Crosby starred for in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League before jumping to the NHL as a teenager?

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How many times has Crosby won the Hart Trophy as the MVP of the National Hockey League?

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Crosby famously scored an overtime goal to win Olympic gold for Canada against who in 2010?

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In tenth grade, Crosby went to which US state to play for a high school team, scoring 162 points in just 57 games in his one season?

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How many points did Sidney Crosby tally in his first NHL season?

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How many points did Crosby score in the 2016 playoffs on the way to winning the Conn Smythe?

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